The Business
with the consumer and retail boom that took place in the second half of the lest decade, India saw a large number of brand eyeing at franchising as an option to spread their operation. The franchising was not so well organized in India, but has come up with a bang to show immense growth potential over the part few year. India such looks like it is at the threshold of a franchising boom and it’s the right time to jump in the revelry.

Our Franchisee
are our business partners. We strongly belive that we can grow only with our partners growth. Our investment requirement is much lower than competition. Therefore ROI (Return on Investment) can be achieved faster.

How to become our franchisee?
Investment Amount Rs 5 Lakhs.
Shop space of 150 to 200 sq ft.

What we provide?
Managerial know how
Training for appointed team at your place
Refilling Machines.
Promational material T-Shirt, and other reassures.
Refilling materials worth Rs. 50000.