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e at yashujee provides quality refilling and remanufacturing of the Inkjet and Toner Cartridges at 50% plus Savings to your Organization. We truly believe that a business evolves to a higher level if it makes a real difference to the Community. The Refill Business helps tremendously to create a Positive Impact to the Planet and the Community-and the Environmental Focus attracts Business to you.…LANDFILL OR REFILL… More and more Businesses and Individuals are Demanding Green Products. Yashujee, with its Tamper Free refilling technology, offers consumers and businesses an alternative to actively help reduce million of cartridges from being dumped in landfills, and to be RECHARGED, REFRESHED, REFILLED AND REUSED with performance and quality as good as new! We will prove that you can actually PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT WHILE YOU SAVE MONEY. Yashujee will involve the community to raise awareness threshold in this GREEN CAUSE.

Yashujee also assures you that it shall be responsible for any damages that may be caused your printer with respect to the Recharged Cartridge. Yashujee also like to point out that we use the best available components including the Toner Powder and all parts/usages are I.P. protected.